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April English

Page history last edited by Cynthia Gallinger 1 year, 11 months ago

Last week - working on Response & Novel Questions (related to literary elements) with a partner 


Tuesday, April 26th

  • Wrote our novel quiz
    • Next Quiz: Tuesday, May 3rd from Chapter 25 to the end of Chapter 36
      • Remember 5 KIM words & 1 reaction to your reading
  • Worked on Literary Terms Questions related to the novel with a partner  
    • Will finish these next class 


Monday, April 25th

  • Continued work on Response
    • Discussed my box chart information
    • Ranked sample paragraphs for Meaning & Structure
  • Remember to read to the end of Chapter 24 for tomorrow's quiz on the novel
    • 5 KIM words & reaction to your reading 


Friday, April 22nd

  • Collected Odes
  • Starting discussing response
    • Handout - the parts
    • Sample - box chart with Owen & Mzee


Wednesday, April 20th

  • Wrote our first novel quiz
    • For Tuesday, April 26th, read from Chapter 10 to the end of Chapter 24
      • KIM vocab & reacting to your writing
  • Worked on the Ode
    • Finished up rough work & edited with a partner 
    • Complete your good copy for Friday
      • Typed or neatly hand written in ink
      • No MLA required but be sure your name is on it
      • A minimum of two pictures to accent your poem (hand drawn or from the internet/magazine) 


Tuesday, April 19th

  • Worked on our Odes
    • Write at least 15 lines to your person or thing
      • We will finish in class tomorrow 
  • Reminder - read to the end of Chapter 9 for tomorrow's quiz
    • 5 KIM words & your response to one section of the story 


Wednesday, April 13th

  • Started a new class novel Secrets of the Realm 
    • Slideshow with background on life in 18th century London
    • Reading schedule and reading requirements
    • Started reading together
  • Read to the end of Chapter 9 for the test on Wednesday, April 20th
    • 5 KIM vocab words and the response to one event in the section 


Monday, April 11th

  • Voted on our next class novel - we will start on Wednesday
  • Presentations of "What's Down There?" 
    • Don't forget to get me a clean copy of your write up if you did not have one today so I can hang them in the hall 


Friday, April 8th

  • Finished working on the What's Down There presentation
    • Presentations will be Monday
  • Starting exploring Odes
    • Discussion, examples, brainstorming 


Thursday, April 7th

  • Collected the Character Mobile 
  • Finished working on the "What's Down There?" Presentation
    • Presentation will be on Monday, April 11th


Tuesday, April 5th

  • Started working on the "What's Down There?" presentation with your partner
    • Brainstorm ideas
    • Write story & details of your creature
    • Draw it 


Friday, April 1st

  • Peer Editing
    • Good Copy of mobile due on Thursday, April 7th
  • Introduced the next oral presentation   
    • Read an article
    • Power Point - Under Water Creatures - video & pictures


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