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February English

Page history last edited by Cynthia Gallinger 2 years, 1 month ago

Wednesday, February 23rd

  • Literature Circle Discussions about Chapter 10 - 14


Monday, February 21st

  • Wrote the novel quiz for Chapter 10 - 14 
  • Next novel quiz will be after March Break
    • Tuesday, March 8th: Chapter 14 to the end of 18
  • Collected KIM vocabulary 
    • Do another five words for Tuesday, March 9th
    • Also your three open-ended questions 
  • Went to the library to complete the one-pager assignment for Black History Month
    • Prepare your presentation for tomorrow 


Wednesday, February 16th

  • Finished Literature Circle Discussions
  • Read the article, "The Man Who Saved a Thousand Babies" to kick off our Black History Month Assignment
  • Explained the Black History Month Assignment
    • We will go to the library tomorrow to complete our research


Monday, February 14th

  • Wrote our novel quiz
    • Next quiz: Monday, February 21st from Chapter 10 to the end of Chapter 13
      • Don't forget your 3 open-ended questions 
  • Collected KIM Vocabulary
    • New sheet for next weeks words 
  • Worked on Literature Circles with partners to discuss the novel 


Wednesday, February 9th

  • Finished up Discussion Questions in Literature Circles  


Tuesday, February 8th

  • Collected the alternate ending for "The Run"
  • Wrote our first novel test
    • Next Reading TestMonday February 14th - Chapter 5 to the end of Chapter 9
      • Remember to write your three open-ended questions to spark your discussions
      • 5 KIM vocabulary words using your chart 
  • Returned work & shared term marks
  • Started working on Literature Circles
    • Will finish tomorrow 


Thursday, February 3rd

  • Wrote our vocab test
  • Introduced the concept of KIM Vocabulary 
  • Worked on the alternate ending for "The Run" 
    • Rewrite the ending from the story (start anywhere from  the incident in the truck when Anna kicks Dennis) or add on - what happens next
    • 200 - 250 words
    • Submit on Monday
  • Remember to read for your test Chapter 1 to the end of Chapter 4 


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