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November English

Page history last edited by Cynthia Gallinger 2 years, 2 months ago

Tuesday, November 30th

  • Went to the library to complete the research portion of the trip letter assignment
    • If you did not finish, complete your research at home
    • We will start writing our rough copy next class 
  • Worked on the Simile and Metaphor worksheet 
    • Be sure the front is complete
    • We will finish the back next class 
  • Remember to study your words for Friday's vocab test 


Monday, November 29th

  • Collected the story extension
  • Introduced the Trip Letter assignment
    • Discussion/Explanation
    • Sample
    • Format of a Letter 
    • Simile and Metaphor Worksheet - we will finish next class
  • Tonight - pick a location for your trip 


Tuesday, November 23rd

  • Vocab test # 1
  • New Vocabulary Words from the short story "The Bloody Souvenir"
    • Study for your test on Friday, December 3rd
      • revolting, plague, rabid, dismay, ambled, tacky, loathing, scurried, hobbled, flimsy, mournfully, maim, compelled & precariously 
  • Started questions with a partner on "The Bloody Souvenir"
    • We will finish next class


Thursday, November 18th

  • Read "The Bloody Souvenir" together


Tuesday, November 16th

  • Finished the GRADE test
  • Practiced finding misused homonyms in the "Shrek vs Mrs. Gallinger" story
  • New Vocabulary Words from the short story "The Bloody Souvenir"
    • Study for your test on Tuesday, November 23rd
    • feral, harshly, smugly, contorted, indignantly, gouged, wince, simmered, anvil, careened, boils, alcove, peculiar & repulsive 


Monday, November 15th

  • Collected part one of the novel writing assignment
  • Went to the Lab to complete the GRADE Test 


Friday, November 12th

  • Finished reviewing the Grammar Mistakes Handout
  • References for your writing
    • Things to Learn from Grammar Sheet # 1
    • Homonyms  
  • Practiced finding misused homonyms in a story
    • Finish for homework if you did not do so in class
  • Reminder - Good copy of your text is due on Monday
    • Use your new handouts to help you find your errors  


Wednesday, November 10th

  • Worked on Grammar - Find all the mistakes in the sentences taken from the PHP Project
    • Finish the last ten if you did not do so in class 
    • We will finish reviewing the answers in next class 


Tuesday, November 9th

  • Peer Editing
  • MLA Formatting Guidelines - handout & explanation
  • Good Copy of your Ulysses Writing Assignment (Part 1) Due: Monday, November 15th
    • Follow the MLA Formatting Guidelines
    • Be sure to hand in your Brainstorming, Rough Work and Peer Editing Sheet with your good copy 


Friday, November 5th

  • Wrote the Ulysses Novel Test
  • Finished writing the rough copy of the Novel Project - Part 1
    • Complete it for homework if you did not do so in class today
    • Next class - peer editing 


Wednesday, November 3rd

  • Worked on the rough copy of the Ulysses writing project
    • We will finish next class
  • Review the words on your green handout (just the ones from the questions in class) to prepare for your quiz Friday 


Monday, November 2nd

  • Reviewed the answers to the Figurative Language handout
  • Project - 5 Burning Questions or Diary Entries
    • Reviewed requirements
    • Read samples for each
    • Brainstormed in groups
      • Finish your brainstorming so you are ready to start writing next class 


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