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October English

Page history last edited by Cynthia Gallinger 2 years, 2 months ago

Friday, October 29th

  • Returned and reviewed some work - take it all home and get it signed by your parents
    • Ulysses Vocab Test # 1 & # 3
    • Ulysses Reading Quiz Sirens to Nausicaa
    • PHP Presentation Rubric 
  • Finished up the Novel Questions based on the Literary Terms
    • If your team is not done, come on Tuesday to complete them at lunch
  • Introduced the first writing assignment for the novel
    • Think about what you might want to do 
    • We will start brainstorming and writing in class next week 


Wednesday, October 27th

  • Worked on Novel Questions based on the Literary Terms with a partner


Presentation of the PHP all three classes until Tuesday, October 26th

  • Anyone who has not gone yet needs to get me their project ASAP - you are losing 5% per day


Wednesday, October 20th

  • Collected PHP
    • If you did not hand it in today, remember that you are losing 5% per day that it is late 
  • Started Presentations
    • All poster people presented
    • All Power Point people will go tomorrow afternoon 


Monday, October 18th

  • Wrote the Ulysses Vocabulary Test # 3
  • Returned a bunch of work to be taken home to be signed
    • Presentation Rubric
    • Ulysses Reading Quiz # 2 & # 4
  • Listened to some more of Mrs. Gallinger's PHP presentation 
  • Remember to bring your novel tomorrow - we will need it in class 
  • Finish your project for Wednesday 


Tuesday, October 13th

  • Wrote our last novel quiz
  • Worked on Peer Editing our PHP
    • Will use the first 15 minutes of Math tomorrow to finish up
  • Good Copy of PHP due Wednesday, October 20th
    • Refer to your handout to be sure that you have met all of the requirements for the project 
  • Remember, vocab test Monday 


Thursday, October 7th

  • New Vocab words - Test: Monday, October 17th
    • Study the spelling, meaning and use in a sentence to show meaning
    • suitor, fleet, tread, anoint, garment, widow, weary, oracle, distinguished, supplicant, prudent, discourteous 
  • Revising the PHP
    • Reviewed specific things that I want them to revise
    • Dissected a sample paragraph
    • Began the revision process of their own work using the checklist
  • Finish your revisions for Wednesday when we will peer edit  
  • Remember to finish your novel for Wednesday & HYT 3 more times 


Tuesday, October 5th 

  • Wrote our vocabulary test
    • We will get our last set of new words from Ulysses on Thursday 
  • Worked on the World Events section of the PHP & on finishing up section 4
    • Have your rough work completed for Thursday when we will revise
  • Rough break down for completion of the Personal History Project (these dates are not set in stone)
    • Thursday, October 7th - Revision
    • Wednesday, October 13th - Peer Editing & Reminders of what I want for the Good Copy
    • Wednesday, October 20th - Good Copy Due for everyone & Presentations begin
  • Reminder: Finish reading Ulysses for Wednesday, October 13th 


Monday, October 4th

  • Wrote our Novel Quiz
  • Worked on the Personal History Project Sections 3 & 4
    • Tomorrow - World Events 
  • Watched the Girls Field Hockey Game for the last 15 minutes 


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