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Math Curriculum

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Math 563-100 Curriculum Outline


Textbook: Nelson Mathematics supplementing from Math Quest and Panoramath Book A and B.


CVR Grade 7 Workbook


The two competencies of the Math program are:


     1. To solve a situational problem

     2. To use mathematical reasoning


* See below for detailed description and weighting of competencies.


Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on standardized tests, quizzes, assignments and situational problems.


Homework: Students can expect to have ~ 30 minutes per Math period to be completed for the next Math period.


Topics covered by chapter:


Chapter 1: Factors & Exponents

Chapter 2: Ratio, Rate & Percent

Chapter 3: Data Management

Chapter 4: Patterns & Relationships

Chapter 5: 2-D Measurement

Chapter 6: Integers

Chapter 7: 2-D Geometry

Chapter 8: Variables, Expressions & Equations

Chapter 9: Fraction Operations





Grade 7 Mathematics


Cycle 1, Year 1








Cynthia Morrison Gallinger




Subject Area Competencies:



Solves a Situational Problem

(a complex task that involves multiple steps and may have numerous solutions)


-       The student must be familiar with the steps for solving a situational problem: 

  • o   
  • o    The student represents the problem using mathematical models
  • o    The student works out a solution
  • o    The student validates the solution
  • o   

-       The student must be able to identify information from different types of representations such as graphs, tables of value, word problems etc.

-       The student must be able to represent a situational problem using a graph, table of values, equation etc.

-       The student should be able to work out a solution using appropriate methods.

-       The student should be able to check the solution to the problem and justify all steps in the procedure.

-       The student should be able to clearly explain the solution either in written form or orally.

Evaluation Activity Types in this competency:

-       All activities that involve solving a situational problems


Uses  Mathematical Reasoning 

(the student applies appropriate concepts and processes from a given context) 


-       The student should be able to make connections and relationships between concepts and processes.

-       The student should be able to select and evaluate the suitability of the process.

-       The student should be able to choose an appropriate representation and follow a logical sequence of steps.

Evaluation Activity Types in this competency:

-Conjectures, Validation questions, Application questions



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