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English 2

Page history last edited by Cynthia Gallinger 1 year, 10 months ago

Friday, June 3rd

  • Presentations by 8 students, 8 more on Monday and the last 8 on Wednesday
  • Swapped out time for Math - Review Slide Show
    • Available for referral in the Pages & Files Section 


Thursday, June 2nd

  • Started the Creative Writing portion of the Final Exam
    • Pics for inspiration
    • Brainstorming
    • Start the rough copy 


Tuesday, May 31st

  • Finished up working on the rough draft of the speech
  • Practice speech 
  • Picked presentation dates
    • Thursday, Friday, Monday or Wednesday - be prepared on your day with your good copy done 


May 24th - May 31st classes

  • Collected Book Jacket
  • Worked on the speech - videos, outlining, writing, revising 


Tuesday, May 24th

  • 45-minute work session
    • Work on your book jacket or your dialogue snap shot (see below for due dates)
  • Introduced the theme for the Final Exam
    • How Do We Make Our Dreams Come True?
    • Small and whole group discussions
    • Introductory Activity - Match Game
  • We will be working on the Final Exam for the rest of the periods until the end of the year (not many now)! 


Thursday, May 19th

  • Returned and reviewed two reading quizzes - get them signed by your parents
  • Dialogue Snap Shot Assignment
    • Reviewed the rules for writing dialogue 
    • Brainstormed an idea
    • Wrote the rough draft
  • Good Copy of the Dialogue Snap Shot
    • Due: Thursday, May 26th
      • MLA Formatting 
      • Word Count at the bottom of the page 
  • Good Copy of the Book Jacket Project
    • Due: Monday, May 30th
  • We will have 45 minutes on Tuesday to work on one or both of these projects  


Wednesday, May 18th

  • Started novel project - creating a book jacket for the sequel to the novel Secrets of the Realm


Monday, May 16th

  • Novel test (last one!)
  • Finished response to "The Nest"
    • If you did not complete it in class, be sure to come at lunch one day this week to finish 


Friday, May 13th

  • Reviewed the Exam Schedule (which was emailed to kids & parents this week)
    • How to read it, what noon busses are, how tutorials work
  • Worked on the response
  • 17 days of class left (~12 English classes)
    • Finish novel & complete the project
    • Start Exam in class - finish in the exam period
      • Wednesday, June15th from 9 - 11:15 


Wednesday, May 11th

  • Field Trip to the Science Center      


Monday, May 9th

  • Novel Quiz from 37 - 49
    • Complete the book for next Monday
      •  No KIM or reaction this week 
  • Worked on Response 
    • Finished looking over leads
    • Started writing 


Thursday, May 5th

  • Finished the Summary vs Theme Activity
  • Started a response to "The Nest"
    • Read the story
    • Started filling in the box chart 


Tuesday, May 3rd

  • Wrote our novel test
    • Next Reading Quiz - Monday, May 9th from Chapter 37 to the end of Chapter 48
      • 5 KIM words & 1 Reaction 
  • Returned and reviewed the 2nd reading quiz - get it signed by your parents
  • Finished the Summary vs Theme Activity 


Monday, May 2nd

  • Finished ranking sample response paragraphs - Personal & Text Connections
  • Summary vs Theme Activity
    • Watch the short video - write a one to two sentence summary & a possible theme for the video
    • Will finish next class after the novel quiz



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